Tuesday, January 29, 2019

State of the District, Saying Goodbye, and Honoring our Past while celebrating the Present

Saying Goodbye and Honoring our Friend and Colleague

Staff wore Crazy Hats in honor of Mrs. Sue Shaffer
Last week, we said goodbye to a long time staff member, Mrs. Sue Shaffer. Mrs. Shaffer died unexpectedly last week. Mrs. Shaffer was employed by the Dryden Central School District for almost 31 years. 

Through the years, Mrs. Shaffer served the District as an aide, playground monitor, bus monitor, and provided clerical support for Cassavant Elementary School and Freeville Elementary School. 

Mrs. Shaffer will be greatly missed by our entire school community. Mrs. Shaffer was a lover of crazy hats and in honor of Mrs. Shaffer and the legacy she leaves behind staff wore their best crazy hats last Friday. 

"State of the District" Address 

At the January 28, 2019 Board of Education Meeting, Mr. Bacigalupi, presented the "State of the District" Address. You can access the State of the District on the website and by using the following link: State of the District Address
State of the District Address
The address focused on the the District's goals to improve communication, consistency, accountability, trust and morale. Mr. Bacigalupi discussed steps the District has taken since July 1 to improve in these areas. 

Mr. Bacigalupi also discussed the tremendous pride the District has for the work that it does and the steps the District is taking to celebrate successes, honor its staff and students, and support its families. 

White Out Game and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
The annual Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball "White Out" Games were held last Friday, January 25, 2019 against the Trumansburg Central School District. This is an exciting night and one full of tradition. The Girls Varsity Basketball Team celebrated their seniors at this game. The Boys Varsity Basketball Team will honor their seniors at their upcoming game on Friday, February 1, 2019. 

Dryden Lion Cheerleaders
As has become the tradition at this event, the Dryden Central School District honored its past and inducted five former athletes into the Athletic Hall of Fame. We are proud to announce that Daniel Holland from the Class of 2010, Jeff Humphrey from the Class of 1993, Michael Motsay from the Class of 1980, Jackie Sutton Court from the Class of 2004, and Joey Motsay from the Class of 1981 are our most recent inductees. Please join us in celebrating their
Senior Varsity Girls Basketball Players
accomplishment! #LionPride

Superintendent Coffee Break

Superintendent Coffee Break

Please join the he Superintendent of Schools for the Dryden Central School District for a Superintendent Coffee Break at the Southworth Library from 5-7 PM on Monday, February 4, 2019.  This is an opportunity for the public to share their concerns, give feedback, and discuss issues with the Superintendent. This is the second scheduled Coffee Break of the 2018-2019 school year. These events will be scheduled throughout the year at different times and in different venues to reach as much as the school community as possible. 

New UPK Dryden Lions

As many of you know, the District was awarded a grant from the state to open a new UPK section which is housed at Dryden Elementary School. The section has 18 students who are four years old. This is a full day program, and we are proud to give more children in our community the opportunity to attend UPK in their District. 

These students started school this past Monday, January 28, 2019. Our long time staff member, Ms. Sue Davis joins her colleague Ms. Erin Preston as the newest UPK teacher. Ms. Davis and Ms. Preston were awarded the #Lion Pride Award this past week for all the work they have done to prepare this new classroom. 

Scholastic Art Awards

Dryden Scholastic Art Award Recipients
The District is pleased to announce that many of our Dryden High School students were honored through the Scholastic Art Awards this past week. 

Many Dryden students were Gold and Silver Key recipients for their work in Drawing, Photography, Animation, Film, and Painting.

 Dryden students walked away with approximately 34% of all of the awards given. We are proud of our students and teachers for their work. 

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