Sunday, January 20, 2019

Welcome to Points of #Lion of Pride

Welcome to our new blog-Points of #LionPride

Points of #LionPride is a blog for the Dryden Central School District community authored by the Superintendent of Schools, Joshua I. Bacigalupi. This blog is another communication tool to let our community members know about what is going on in the Dryden Central School District. This is a space to celebrate our successes, discuss our journey as a District on a path towards continuous improvement, and as evidence that we try to connect with our community using as many platforms as possible. 

Connect with us on your favorite Social Media Platforms

"Pete the Cat" Fans at Cassavant
The Dryden Central School District is working hard to tell its story on three social media platforms. The Dryden Central School District has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and most recently on Intsagram. Almost 1,300 individuals follow us on Facebook @DrydenLionPride. We have 242 followers on Twitter @DrydenLionPride. You can search for the District by using #LionPride. The District created an Instagram account in late August of 2018.  We are proud to be one of the first school Districts in Central New York to create a presence on Instagram. We have over 400 followers on Instagram. You can find us on Instagram at @DrydenLionPride. We might not tweet as often as the President or have the followers on Instagram that the Kardashians do, but we are anxious to share our story with the people connected to our community. Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and family members to check in with on social media.  

#LionPride Award

Ms. VanSlyke and Mrs. Burns
The District is pleased to announce a new weekly award called the #LionPride Award. Students, staff, community members, and volunteers are eligible for our #Lion Pride Award Winner. Recipients are nominated by individuals in our community. Each week, the District awards a new winner. Winners are announced to the community through our social media platforms and in email. The District defines #LionPride as actions and/or attitudes that set the Dryden Central School District apart from other districts. Some recent recipients of the #LionPride are pictured here. 

Mrs. Burns and Ms. VanSlyke are co-teachers at DES in Second Grade. They were nominated for the work that they do to support their students both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Burn and Ms. VanSlyke have been co-teaching for many years, and work to ensure that all students in their classroom experience success!

Ms. McCarty
Ms. McCarty is a cleaner at DES. She was nominated by two staff members. She was nominated for her infectious positive attitude and outstanding work ethic.  Ms. McCarty is rarely idle. She is constantly in emotion wiping down surfaces, cleaning door handles, and sharing her joy for life with students and staff.  

Mrs. Alberm

Mrs. Albern is a crossing guard for the Town of Groton, a substitute teacher, and runs the "Calling All Teen" Program in McClean. Mrs. Albern was nominated by Mrs. Ryan for her commitment and years of service to the Dryden Central School District. 

There is no shortage of recipients for this award. The District is supported by extraordinary individuals. We are full of #LionPride!

Board of Education Guided Tour of District

Dryden Central School District Board of Education
On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, members of the Board of Education accompanied the Superintendent of Schools on a guided tour of the five schools and four school buildings in the District. The Board of Education had the opportunity to see programs and staff in action at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The Board of Education traveled around in the District's school bus Suburban driven by the Superintendent. This was quite a sight! The Board of Education was incredibly impressed by what they saw students doing and the professionalism and care of our staff. The Board of Education will take another tour in the Spring  that will focus on non-school facilities such as Transportation and Buildings and Grounds as well as Food Services. The District is fortunate to have an engaged BOE which is focused on the success of all students. #LionPride

Flexible Seating 

Students use Flexible Seating to get the job done!
As you visit classrooms from PK-12, you may notice students using a different kind of chair than what you would expect to find in a traditional classroom.

Everyday we are learning more about how students learn best. We are finding that some students learn better by being able to sit in a chair that allows them to move their body in a variety of ways. 

For some students this movement allows them to better focus on the task at hand. Other students benefit by being able to stand and do their work using a standing desk, and other students may prefer a regular chair. 

 Next time, you are in classroom check out the many different ways to get the job done! 


  1. Hello Super. Josh:
    Great idea! Thank you for this - we appreciate your efforts to maintain open lines of communication with parents and families!
    Kind regards,
    Kyle Campbell

  2. Congratulations to Mrs. Albern and all the Lion Pride Award winners! Mrs. Albern was a gem when my children were at Cassavant years ago. It’s so nice to see her being recognized by the district!

  3. Thanks for creating so many ways for us to hear about all the great things our schools are doing!!